“We are proud to promote an organic, highly effective local product. Fast Green can help you out of a variety of sticky situations! We love promoting Fast green because it works great and we have had phenomenal feedback from our customers. Fast green is a very versatile product for cleaning up a variety of messy situations!”
Bayside Garden Supply (Arcata, CA)

“If you wanna get rid of the resin, the sap, the tar or the sticky icky this stuff really works. Spray it on rub it in wipe it off – Done!!”
Local Humboldt Grower (Arcata, CA)

“Being in the professional dog grooming business we’ve tried everything possible to remove skunk odor like dish soap, tomato juice & baking soda as well as other commercial products on the market today. After discovering Skunk Stop we’ve had great success with de-skunking and are now able to guarantee our process which has made our customers very happy and they have become loyal regular customers as a result. We now carry it in the shop and have had success retailing the product in our store.”
Manager, Muddy Paws (McKinleyville, CA)

“Fast green is our top selling hand cleaner – the stuff works, smells good, leaves hands silky smooth and takes skunk off my dog!”
Manager, Water Planet Garden Supply (Arcata, CA)

“Fast Green cleaned me up! After discovering that I had foolishly gotten roofing tar on one of my favorite T shirts I remembered that I had a bottle of magic cleaner (fast green) and quickly got to work and removed the stain entirely with no trace of tar or residue left behind. Thank you fast green!”
C. Haze (Trinidad, CA)

“Fast Green saved me lots of time and money when I noticed that my dog had walked in fresh road tar and was trying to chew this awful stuff out of the fur in and around her paws. I gave the fast green a try and to my surprise it instantly loosened the tar and I was able to gently and quickly remove ALL of the tar without an expensive trip to the Vet. I cant believe how effective this product was. I was very relieved and happy to get such rapid results. I would recommend that every pet owner have a bottle on hand for these kinds of emergencies.”
Marion J.Reid (Phoenix, AZ)

“Fast Green is an amazing product with endless uses. Easily takes residue off of scissors, removes motor oil and grease from my hands and most importantly I have removed road tar from my new truck! It feels great using something on my hands that doesn’t burn or have any harsh chemicals.”
S. Lowery (Arcata, CA)

“Fast Green Hand Clean is essential in our extraction lab. Working with sticky residue all the time we are always getting sticky stuff all over everything. Having a Fast Green bottle around prevents us from spreading it everywhere. We literally spray this stuff many times a day to clean our gloves after touching anything. Without this stuff we would be going through boxes of gloves weekly. Also for cleaning equipment and tools, nothing works better, even straight rubbing alcohol. This is an essential tool for us. Thanks!”
Peak Oil Team (Arcata, CA)

“This is the Best of the Best, with truly multiple levels of use. My favorite use is as a hand cleaner for anything to be removed that is especially sticky. My second favorite use is as a deodorant for my work boots. The third best use is for an all natural scented spray for hats, jackets or anything that needs a fresh sent before a washing. A true joy to use.”
J.S. (Denver, CO)