Fast Green Hand Clean

Fast Green Hand Clean is a unique all natural hand cleaner that allows you to rid your hands of sticky substances without the need for soap and water. Fast Green Hand Clean was designed to effectively remove resin, tree sap, chewing gum, car grease, sticker residue, latex caulk, roof cement, grime and more. Don’t hesitate to explore the many uses of Fast Green Hand Clean – its not just for hands. 1,000 Sprays per bottle. Certified organic ingredients.

Skunk Stop Pet Cleaner

Removes Tar, Sap, Gum, Grease, Grime, & More! An effective solution that removes odor and is gentle on your pet. Our retail size bottle packs about 1000 sprays per bottle and like our Fast Green Hand Clean is made with all natural ingredients. This product has been groomer tested and approved. Try it today and find out why this product is gaining popularity in pet stores across the nation.

How to remove skunk from your pet:

You should not need to rinse your pets head using this method:
For cleaning face and head, you will need warm water and a washcloth. Wet cloth and spray with fast green, do not spray on directly on pets face. Thoroughly wipe face and top of head making sure to avoid the eyes & nose. Rinse washcloth after each application using clean, warm water. Repeat this process until the smell is gone. This should take about 15 minutes. For pets with extremely thick fur the process may take longer.

For all other cleaning, you can spray directly on fur and scrub or wash/bath your pet. If your pet has sensitive skin or hot spots try to avoid direct application as they may be sensitive to this product.

You should be completely free of skunk odor after thoroughly cleaning your pet. However, if your pet has had a direct shot from the skunk, you may need to rinse their head with water. Skunk spray is very strong and can burn your pets skin and cause it to actually form a scab. You will typically know when your pet has had a direct hit because it usually causes foaming at the mouth.

*Always use caution and consult you veterinarian should any signs of allergy occur.

How to remove resin from your hands: