Hazel-Parker Products was founded in Humboldt County, Northern California. In an area with abundant natural resources, Hazel-Parker has found the perfect combination of all-natural and certified organic ingredients and made a powerful alternative hand cleaner solution minus the harmful chemicals commonly used by large-scale manufacturers.

Initially, we developed Fast Green Hand Clean, a fast-acting all-natural hand cleaner perfect for many applications but famous for removing resin from fingers when soap and water just won’t do. The product hit the shelves in a few local shops around Humboldt County and quickly sold out. Soon after, Fast Green became available in more stores and it slowly began receiving recognition. Ultimately the brand evolved along with the demand and now Fast Green Hand Clean is available in over 50 retailers and growing.

After receiving success for Fast Green Hand Clean, the next product developed by Hazel Parker was Skunk Stop. A product similar to Fast Green Hand Clean however developed with the sole purpose of removing skunk odor from your pet. This product is also made with all natural ingredients and many of the same properties as Fast Green and is quickly finding itself in pet stores across the nation.

Here at Hazel-Parker we are committed to bringing you all-natural alternatives to fit your everyday needs. If you don’t see what you are looking for, have questions, or have suggestions about our product please feel free to send us an email. Stay tuned for more great products from Hazel-Parker in the not-so-distant future!